Possible hacker shuts down French Settlement town hall | #computerhacking | #hacking | #education | #technology | #infosec


FRENCH SETTLEMENT – Small-town government in French Settlement is facing another problem: a possible computer breach forced the town hall to shut down.

“That’s first I heard of it, but being hacked on a computer is not a good thing,” local resident Tim Gomez said.

The town hall received a suspicious email last week that may have included malware.

“If their computer system’s down. It sounds like a pretty serious thing,” Gomez said.

Mayor Haley Unbengen called in an IT expert to investigate the email that came from a resident in the village, but the resident says they didn’t send it.

“Not surprised it was shut down. Why not? It’s not the first we’ve had issues around here,” French Settlement resident Dannie Poston said.

Poston is worried that if town hall says close for too long, it will be hard for people to pay their fines and get help with hurricane debris that still needs removing.

“What are we supposed to do with all these trees and stuff from Ida, paying our tickets and keeping traffic moving safely,” Poston said.

The mayor is hoping to reopen town hall early next week, maybe as soon as Monday, and she says criminal charges will be filed if the possible breach turns out to be a crime.


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