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TIVERTON, R.I. (WPRI) — A Providence woman was arrested last week after she reportedly conned a 70-year-old Tiverton man into giving her thousands of dollars.

The investigation began when the resident contacted the Tiverton Police Department regarding a series of strange phone calls he’d received.

The man told detectives the first phone call came from someone who claimed to be his grandson. The caller told him that he had been arrested following a serious car crash, according to police.

Believing the caller was his grandson, the resident reassured him that he would help.

Moments later, police said the man received another call from someone claiming to be his grandson’s attorney.

The supposed attorney told the resident his grandson’s bail had been set at $9,000, and that someone would swing by his house to pick it up. Police said the scammer eventually instructed the man to hand the cash to a “courier” who was waiting in a car outside his home.

Several hours later, police said the man received another call from the supposed attorney requesting an additional $7,000 to settle the case.

It wasn’t until the resident attempted to withdraw more money from his bank account that the teller became suspicious and told him to contact the authorities.

Police said the man was able to contact his grandson to confirm the calls were a scam. That’s when detectives worked with the resident to arrange the delivery of the additional cash in an attempt to catch the scammer red-handed.

The suspect, identified as Luz Henriquez, 29, was arrested when she attempted when she tried to collect the additional cash later that evening, according to police.

Henriquez was charged with obtaining money under false pretenses and conspiracy.

“This serves as another reminder to please speak with elderly relatives and friends about the dangers of scam calls and the devastating financial impacts,” the police department said.


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