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Job Title

Python Developer (m/w/d)

Job Description

  • Design and development of innovative Python microservices
  • Design and specification of REST interfaces (API)
  • Ensuring quality with unit and integration tests
  • Implementation of non-functional requirements for distributed and event-driven systems in a highly available infrastructure
  • Development with the development environment of your choice on a system of your choice (Linux/Mac/Windows)


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


  • Python has been your language of choice for several years and is not just a scripting language for you
  • You are familiar with the concepts of object-oriented software development and have experience in other high-level programming languages (Java/Go)
  • You have experience with concurrency / asynchronous development (asyncio, threading and web frameworks like Tornado)
  • You have a solid knowledge of Docker, Continuous Integration (Jenkins, Groovy) and Linux
  • You have already worked with relational databases, ORM like SQLAlchemy or Elasticseach are not foreign to you
  • You are interested in new technologies and are willing to learn about them

About the Company

The top reasons for working at Retarus:
As an IT company, Retarus gives employees the opportunity to help shape global information logistics. Each employee contributes significantly to the success of global customers and to the integration of a reliable information flow in their processes. At Retarus, we value our employees, most of whom have been part of the team for more than five years. We prepare and train our new employees for their new roles; offer numerous, and interesting options for ongoing training and skills development. Employees are given the freedom to decide how they want to structure their daily tasks. The atmosphere is friendly, multi-cultural, and international. Retarus offers real opportunities to grow and is characterized by an exciting and dynamic working environment with above-average growth.

Retarus in two sentences:
Successful enterprises worldwide count on reliable messaging services out of the Retarus Enterprise Cloud. Retarus has been developing the technology and underpinning this success since 1992 – sustainably and passionately.

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