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Job Title

Python Software Engineer

Job Description

We are seeking a Software Engineer to join our team! You will have the chance to work on every part of the tech stack from frontend work with React to backend processing in Python with Django. In this role you will work directly with the Product team to define and implement new features, along with the Sales and Marketing teams to build tools that will help scale and grow customer acquisition channels. We are looking for motivated and independent thinkers with a strong interest in building secure and successful software.

This role is very open – if you’re currently working as a Front End Engineer, Backend Engineer, QA Engineer, or Site Reliability Engineer or anywhere in between, we’d love to talk to you. We have multiple skill levels listed, but all Engineering applications go through the same pipeline, so don’t be concerned about applying to a role and being leveled inappropriately.

At Truework, this means you will:

  • Be part of our engineering team, bringing your background and expertise
  • Develop integrations that connect data sources to power Truework’s “business to business” and consumer products
  • Anticipate and develop methods of scaling our infrastructure as we grow
  • Write maintainable code that directly impacts the business.
  • Improve engineering standards, tools and process
  • Have fun with the team

No BS Interviews: Interviewing is hard work. We’ll make a commitment to you to ensure that interviewing with us will be an efficient, and relevant experience. We promise not to ask Fermi Estimation questions or “Why are manhole covers round?” We also promise not to ask Dynamic Programming, Backtracking, and obscure algorithm (e.g. Dijkstra’s) questions. We prefer to focus on Situational Interviews. We want to get an assessment of how capable you will be to do the day to day work. Being familiar with the STAR technique will help.

Interview topics include:

  • Preliminary phone call with the recruiter
  • Call with hiring manager
  • Software Design & Architecture
  • Cross-functional Collaboration and Truework Values
  • Technical Background
  • Coding Interview (Using


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


Examples of what we’re looking for:

  • 2+ years of relevant coding experience
  • Experience with Python or JavaScript/TypeScript. (Django/React is a plus, Java/C is a minus)
  • Experience building APIs, or single page applications
  • Experience with AWS/Docker/CI Tools
  • Strong analytical & problem-solving skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Eagerness to work in a sustainably paced, collaborative environment
  • Experience working with large, sensitive datasets is a plus
  • Based in the US

About the Company

At Truework we enable businesses and consumers to regain control over how their sensitive information is shared online. Our platform and services empower lenders to complete income and employment verifications quickly and accurately while enabling businesses to automate the verification process and ensure the privacy of their employees’ personal data. On the consumer side, we are giving employees unprecedented visibility into how their professional information is shared between third parties such as banks, mortgage lenders and employers. We believe increasing data transparency and returning data controls to the consumer are two crucial steps toward improving the health and safety of the internet as we know it.

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