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Nextmv is a remote-first company with over 20 employees working across the globe to change how companies automate and optimize their operations. We provide developers with the building blocks to create and test decision models, quickly. From logistics to healthcare to finance, every company can benefit from decision engineering using optimization and simulation. nnNextmv is changing the way companies make decisions. We’re driven by building useful products and creating a more human workplace. And we’d like your help.nnThe OpportunitynAs an early member of the Decision Engineering team, you will have a large impact on leading the team working on the Nextmv Cloud console. Nextmv Cloud enables our customers to generate optimized routes for a fleet of vehicles given a number of operational constraints. In the future, Nextmv Cloud will support optimizing a wider range of decisions across various industries. nnNextmv Cloud is a serverless stack built in go and running on AWS, with a frontend based on React and TypeScript. We are looking for a team lead with 7+ years experience in some combination of software development, project management, and people management. In this role, you will report to our Vice President of Engineering.nnThe items above are a starting point for a conversation, not a hard list of requirements. If this role sounds exciting we encourage you to apply.nnThe compensation range for this role is $155,000 – $180,000 base pay, depending on experience and your personal choice of equity/salary balance. Learn more about our compensation philosophy and benefits below.nnnBenefitsn• Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance – We cover Medical, Dental, and Vision for U.S. employees. In the future, we would like to offer the option to international employees.n• Paid Family Leave – 14 weeks of paid leave for all new parents.n• Retirement Planning – 401k with matching for U.S. teammates (100% of the first 1% + 50% of the next 5%)n• Equity – Stock option plan on a standard 4 year vesting schedule with a 1 year cliff.n• Financial Transparency – Everyone has access to financial and business metrics.n• Half-Day Fridays – Year round, we do half-day Fridaysn• Minimum Vacation Policy – Unlimited vacation can be vague and hard to track. We strongly encourage everyone to take at least 3 week/year (or whatever is in line with your country’s standard) in addition to public holidays. We also close the office for a week in December.n• Retreats – We plan to hold company retreats for in-person work (when safe again).n• Travel Stipend – We offer up to 3K annually to visit your teammates and work from another city (or country!)n• Home Office Stipend – we send every new teammate a Mac laptop or equivalent of their choice, and provide a $1,000 stipend so you can feel ready to work from home.nnOur Compensation PhilosophynWe strive to create a place where anybody can grow. We’re guided by the following core beliefs that keep us honest on this journey. nnA career in tech should be accessible to allnNo matter where you are in your life or on the planet, we provide competitive base salaries, equity, and benefits that are inclusive of the best talent out there. nnSalary transparency mitigates the wage gapnWe’re building systems that level the playing field for everyone. Our salaries and levels are open to all Nextmvers to view and understand. nnEvery function and location provides equal valuenThe base salary for any two employees at the same level is the same — whether they’re in San Francisco or Philadelphia, finance or engineering. nnYou don’t have to give up your craft to make more moneynBuilding a career at Nextmv should be straightforward. We give you the tools to own your growth — whether that’s on a path as an individual contributor or people manager. nnnHow We HirenThis is the structure of our interview process. It is conducted entirely over Zoom.nnApplication: Tell us about your experience. Everyone who applies hears back about the status of their application.nnHiring manager screen: Meet with the hiring manager to discuss what you’re looking for and if there is alignment with the team’s needs.nnSmall Project + Tech Interview: Showcase your skills with a short take-home project that you’ll be able to discuss with 1-2 members of our team.nnCulture interview: Speak with 1-2 cross-functional team members to learn more about how we work and discuss values alignment.nnExecutive call: Meet Carolyn (CEO), Ryan (CTO) or Andrew (COO), to discuss where we’re headed as a company. nn#Salary and compensationn
No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on previous jobs related to Executive, Engineer jobs that are similar:nn
$70,000 — $110,000/yearn

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