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Title: Digital Media ResearchernReports to: Director of Communications nPosition type, duration: Contract to research and complete one report, approximately 3 monthsnLocation: RemotenExempt or Non-Exempt (Salaried or Hourly): Deliverable basednCompensation: $15,000 for completed report nnTimelinenApplications due: Jan 23nInterviews: Jan 26-Jan 28nStart Date: Feb 1stnnBACKGROUND:nSince 2013, the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) has worked to legitimize and spread solutions journalism — rigorous reporting that examines not just problems, but also effective efforts to respond to them — in order to rebalance the news. We’ve made a strong case for how and why audiences and society benefit when solutions journalism is integrated into the news — and we’ve had real success. We’ve worked with over 600 news organizations and 25,000 individual journalists and, based on growing demand for our work, currently staff are working across the United States as well as in Africa and Europe. Around the world, solutions reporting is being adopted by news organizations because it increases audience trust and engagement, sharpens accountability and can open up new sources of revenue. nnToday we believe it is more urgent than ever that we take bold action and significantly broaden our reach. Building on our foundational work with newsrooms, we are embarking upon an ambitious new strategy aimed at advancing a system-level change across the field of journalism, in which strong communications will play a critical role. Working with a core group of journalists, educators and allies, we aim to engage tens of thousands more along with hundreds of news organizations in a movement to ensure ready access to news that is informed by solutions reporting. Our vision of success is sweeping but achievable. With broad adoption of solutions journalism, we envision an increase in society’s capacity to solve problems, widespread reach of more complete and accurate coverage, advances in fairness and equity in reporting and a public that is actively involved in the stories being told about their communities.  nnAs solutions journalism leads a systems-level change in the media landscape, we are looking for a Media Researcher to deliver an in-depth report including recommendations on how we can leverage key partners, platforms, and innovations to disseminate effective responses towards social problems to a larger and more diverse group of people. We are looking for someone who has a familiarity with and/or previous experience conducting media landscapes or other kinds of media research, as well as a pulse on the new media scene, ideally with connections to and knowledge of what’s working (and why) and best practices The researcher will conduct a digital media analysis in order to identify patterns and recommendations for viable media platforms and innovations to scale solutions journalism, with an eye for reaching underserved audiences. The report will include an analysis of the landscape, visuals representing mapping of key players, and defining characteristics of each individual/ partner/ tool based on criteria to be developed in collaboration with the director of communications.nnDo you have skills or experiences that we haven’t thought of that you can bring to this job? Tell us how you can see this role benefit from your own individual experiences. We’re an energetic, ambitious, and fun bunch, and we want great people to join us. nnEquity, Justice, Diversity and Inclusion at SJN means a workplace where individual differences are recognized, appreciated, respected and responded to in ways that fully develop and utilize each person’s talents and strengths. Diversity of perspective, identity, and experience is important to us.  We want to reflect and serve the whole of society. As a result, we encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to seek employment, and we make all employment decisions without regard to race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factors protected by federal, state or local law. To request reasonable accommodation, contact Eva Blanc, [email protected]nnnSJN Application & Hiring Process FAQnnQ: Where’s the best place to learn more about the Solutions Journalism Network and the work that you do?nA: Start with this “brief but spectacular” video made for PBS and featuring David Bornstein, one of SJN’s co-founders. Check out the SJN website, new research on how audiences respond to solutions journalism, our most recent survey of our newsroom partners and this study on how solutions journalism can lead to increased revenue. nnQ: Where do I submit my cover letter?nA: The SJN application does not include a cover letter. Instead, we ask a series of questions that we hope will provide the opportunity for you to share your thoughts. All applicants respond to the same questions, which removes the guesswork of a cover letter and enables you to focus on the things we’re most interested in knowing about your qualifications for this role. (note: after the application questions, you will see a final box that says “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” and the preview text says “add a cover letter or anything else you want to share”. Please do not upload a cover letter here. If you have additional information that you would like to share with us that you didn’t include in your application responses you can use this space to do so. nnQ: The job description says this position is remote does that mean I can work from home?nA: Yes. This position can be done from anywhere in the United States. The Solutions Journalism Network has its office in New York City (when we get back to the office!), but about half of our staff are based elsewhere. We would love for this position to join us in our office when we return.nnQ: Under benefits in the job description you mention a technology stipend. How does that work?nA: SJN staffers provide their own cell phones, laptops and other technology. To help cover the cost, SJN provides each staffer with an annual stipend.nnQ: What happens after I submit my application?nA: Once the application period closes, a team of SJN staffers will review all of the applications and contact candidates who move to the next stage of the process, which will include 1-2 rounds of interviews and, possibly, an additional (brief) assignment. nn#LocationnNew York, NY

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