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* ? $350 Referral Bonusn* ? Open to Any Level Experiencen* ? Anywhere in the World (Europe ideal)nn*Get Paid: If you recommend this job to the person that gets hired, we will give you a $350 referral bonus! How will we contact you about giving you your bonus? Tell your referral to list your name and/or email in the “How did you hear about this job?” question. Once they’re hired, we’ll make sure you get paid.nn# Mission/Company InfonnWe’re a tight 10+ person team, focused on bridging the gap between consumers and product/service owners by building sites that educate our readers on complex and interesting topics. We focus on quality content, custom-built tools/apps, and in-depth research across various industries.nnWe have a passion for growing digital assets and love to bring the right people along for the ride. Our background is predominantly in SEO and we are pretty obsessed with digital marketing as a whole.nnAt [Search District](, we are really big on helping the people we work with to grow in their roles and career overall. At the end of the day, we want people to be doing what they love and we hope that we can share our passion and grow together.nn# Requirementsnn* Experience working in remote companies and managing remote staffn* Highly organized and diligent, reliablen* Ideally, experience with foreign SEOn* Proficiency with content management systems (WordPress)n* Basic technical knowledge of HTML and web publishingn* Ideally based in Europen* Ideally speak multiple languages and able to overlook translations/foreign contentn* Ideally some exposure to the crypto industrynn# Responsibilitiesnn* Foreign Content Strategyn* Organising content reviews – getting people from Upwork, etc., to review our translated content to make sure it reads well and has local nuancesn* Optimising SEO on foreign articlesn* Researching keywords and main search terms in different regions (foreign languages)n* Uploading content & managing sites nn#Salary and compensationn$50,000 — $100,000/yearnnn#LocationnWorldwide (Europe Preferred)

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