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As [Skylight](’s Full-Stack Engineering Leader, you’ll become fluent in all the facets of our infrastructure. We process millions of photos per month, and we’re constantly improving our products and exploring new offerings – so you’ll get a chance to learn about both scale and innovation. You can expect lots of mentorship and coaching from our CEO and CTO, both of whom have deep experience in Technology products.nHere are some elements of our technology stack, any of which you could jump into on day one (with plenty of support from the person who authored their first drafts):n* A mobile app in React Native with lots of tricky photo-picking, editing, and uploading challengesn* A serverless pipeline in Node that extracts attachments from emails, transforms them, and serializes metadata for downstream consumptionn* A Rails JSON API, consumed by a React frontend (and by our hardware devices)n* A high-throughput Go server on Dynamo that handles 1500 requests per secondnEach component presents a unique opportunity to experiment, learn, and improve! nn#Salary and compensationn$170,000 — $200,000/yearnnn#Locationn? Worldwide

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