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nn* Full-time permanent rolenn* Based remotely, from your homenn* Simple hiring process: 3 interviews + code exercisennnnnWrite code day-to-day and upskill those around younnDo you enjoy coaching others and working with colleagues who help each other develop their skills every day? We partner with our clients to deliver projects and new product features every day, whilst helping to develop the skills, knowledge and capability of those around us in the team. You’ll have the opportunity to work in Product Development teams in different domains, both greenfield products as well as evolving existing ones.nnWhy are we looking for polyglot developers? Well, we know everyone has their favourite language or framework, but we also know that it’s important to use the right tool/language/framework for the job at hand, and that a pragmatic approach might mean using a language that is already in production. Also, polyglot developers tend to focus on core software engineering principles and practices, rather than what is shiny in a new framework or language. So whilst we usually work with JavaScript it doesn’t mean we aren’t able to transfer our engineering skills and work with other languages when it makes sense.nnThrough regular Learning Lunches, Technical Brown Bags, Software Crafters Meetups, Start of Week meetings, Team Offsites and other social and community events, our team learns and collaborates together and is always sharing knowledge and helping each other, both within Pragmateam, clients and the community.nnTo be successful in this role you must have an open mind to sometimes work with a language that is not your usual one and most likely consider yourself a polyglot, ie. someone who is happy to learn new languages or further develop their skills if needed for the task at hand. You must also love developing the skills of other software engineers and helping them improve their craft and capability. The ability and passion to coach others and make things a little bit better is part of the job, so having the empathy and soft skills to do it is important.nnWhy it’s good…nnn* Opportunity to work across a variety of domains, with different problem spaces and technologies.nn* Able to share your knowledge and develop the skills of those around you, whilst writing code and learning every day.nn* Be a member of a cross-functional agile team delivering together end-to-end.nn* Working in a stable product team (ie. we don’t like pure project work) provides a lot of job satisfaction as you are an integral part of the product development process.nn* We work in clients employing continuous delivery practices such as CI, automated testing and continuous deployment.nn* We prefer to work for medium or small product companies instead of large enterprises, as it’s easier to be set up for success, have a positive impact and influence.nn* We choose our work and often say no, so people like the work that we do around here.nn* Education & Work From Home budget that you manage yourself: decide if you want to go to a conference, spend it all on books or dedicate yourself to an online training course, all while having a professional, productive and comfortable setup for when you’re WFHnn* The ‘team’ in ‘Pragmateam’ does mean something: we are never by ourselves in clients so that we can support each other and deliver together.nn* We are curious and have a culture of continuous improvement so we are always keen to learn more and improve ourselves and Pragmateam.nnnnnTo be successful in the role you’ll have the following skills:nnn* Extensive commercial experience (usually 6+ years) in developing custom built web applications, ideally having worked with JavaScript and some of the usual (or unusual) Javascript frameworks such as React, Angular, VueJS or Node.js.nn* Solid experience working in teams that use XP practices (eg. CI, TDD, pairing, small releases).nn* Support and coach others as well as help teams improve and develop their capabilities, through pairing, Coding Dojos, Dev Guilds, Brown Bags, mentoring, influencing, 1-on-1’s etc.nn* Experience across the full tech stack with an interest in developing software both backend and front end (a bias to one side is normal and totally fine).nn* Experience with TDD and the benefits of writing tests first before starting on your code.nn* Solid experience refactoring code, ability to describe different refactoring techniques.nn* Experience with Object Oriented programming and able to discuss design patterns.nn* Passion for writing Clean Code, so everyone in the team can understand it.nn* Awareness of distributed architectures and micro-services and interest to learn more.nnnnnOur Recruitment Processnn* Phone interview (30-60 minutes)nn* Test Coverage exercise (2-3 hours)nn* Pairing + Tech Interview (60-90 minutes)nn* Management Interview (60 minutes)nnnnInterested? Apply below or you take a look further at Pragmateam here:

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