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About us:nnLayer is building a declarative MLOps platform to empower data science teams to effortlessly implement end-to-end machine learning from feature engineering, version control, and model deployment. Layer helps teams to build, train and deploy ML into production at scale. Most importantly, Layer sits on top of your existing data and tech stack and works in your dev environment for you with zero friction.nnLayer has an all remote culture as we aspire to work with the best talent, no matter where they live. We firmly believe that exceptional companies can only be built by exceptional people. We look for people who are passionate about their work, grounded, achieve more with less, are full of grit, challenge themselves and their team relentlessly to do better, and have radical candour. Our team and culture are paramount to all else.nnEngineering at Layer:nnWe value solid software engineering principles at Layer. We use code reviews, architecture design documents, post-mortems, automated tests thoroughly and tirelessly. We are strong believers in continuous improvement, shipping fast and often, automation, collaboration, end-to-end ownership, and open source. We take pride in our craft and do our best to perform it the best way. Read more about our learnings on our blog and within our Layer MLOps Community Slack group, and feel free to try out our public Beta.nnThe role:nnWe’re looking for a Senior Infrastructure Engineer to join our small but growing Infrastructure Team. This role is broad and would be ideal for someone that likes having an impact across the whole of engineering. There are three main areas that the Infrastructure Team at Layer owns – Cloud Infrastructure, Developer Experience and SRE.nnCloud infrastructurenYou will maintain 100 percent cloud-based infrastructure currently residing in AWS. We are great believers in infrastructure as code and rely heavily on Terraform and Terraform Cloud. You will work closely with the Product teams to design our infrastructure in the way the Product and the Business need it. You will help facilitate the deployment of our product services on Kubernetes (EKS)nnDeveloper ExperiencenYou will provide tools for developers to manage our growing monorepo. These include deployment tools, our CI/CD pipelines and testing tools that make our engineers productive. We currently use Gradle (and Gradle Enterprise) heavily, Helm, CircleCI and Github Actions.nnSREnYou will maintain our observability for our production instances relying heavily on Datadog. You will help engineers integrate their services and get the metrics they need. You will also provide standardized tools for alerting and incident management. As a company we are strong believers in ownership – product teams own their services, we own the tools that empower them to run and maintain them.nnOur Technologies:nnWe favour and support open-source. We mainly use Java in the backend with some Scala/Python. GraphQL and TypeScript on the frontend. Spark, Kubernetes, Terraform, AWS, CircleCI are essential parts of the infrastructure.nWe do not expect you to have expertise in all these technologies. Members of our team have picked up the tools once they’ve started working with the team. If you’re unsure, please apply.nnnOur Values:nn🚀  Execute Pragmatically: We approach work with speed and practicality in mind. We take individual ownership over our work, and we trust each other to deliver, but we avoid working in isolation. We strive to be excellent at what we do and will take time to deepen our knowledge of our craft; the more we learn, the better we can execute!n💓  Be Open: At Layer, openness applies to both the business and the people who work within it. We are continually open to giving and receiving feedback and learning new things from each other. We communicate openly and honestly. We are humble and kind and acknowledge that we are not always right.n🌎  Think Global: we are committed to being not just a fully remote business but a fully global one. We want people worldwide to work with Layer and thrive as employees, partners, customers, and members of our community.nnWhat we offer:nnAll-remote work style, work anywhere. Currently, we prefer teammates to be within UTC to UTC+5nEquity plannHighly competitive salaryn$3,000 to purchase your remote working set upnRead more about the rest of our perks and benefits herennCommitment to equal opportunity:nnDiversity is hugely important to us. Everyone should work in an environment free from discriminationnand harassment. At Layer, we celebrate diversity and continually strive to provide a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive space. All applicants will be treated fairly and judged solely on their merits. Our recruitment process is open, honest, and fair.nnPlease find out more about Life at Layer here and via our LinkedIn page! nn#Salary and compensationn
No salary data published by company so we estimated salary based on previous jobs related to Executive, Senior and Engineer jobs that are similar:nn
$70,000 — $120,000/yearn

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