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# About usnnTheme is a quantitative trading firm whose strategies take advantage of short-term price volatility created by institutional block trades on US cash equities. We hold ourselves to an incredibly high standard of quality and seek to work with individuals who do the same.nn# About the rolennWe are looking for an experienced Python developer who will help us develop the platform to power our research and production trading. You will work in a small team and will build features, participate in architectural decisions and help define the product requirements.nnOur project is young, without technical debt and legacy code, and is built on top of Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Celery, Redis, RabbitMQ, Vue.js and AWS. Most of your time will be spent on the backend, though you may occasionally need to do some Vue.js / Javascript programming. We take great pride in good engineering, allocating time to refactoring code and testing our software. We have a modern approach to infrastructure and cloud and there is an opportunity to grow devops skills too. nnTheme Analytics offers a great remote working environment with a tight and friendly team, as well as ncompetitive compensation. You will report to the Head of Engineering and work closely with the CEO. nn# Responsibilitiesnn## Your day-to-day work will involve:nn * Working on the Django Rest Framework project to implement new features and improve existing ones for our platformn * Developing integrations with third-party-services, as well as our own machine learning solutionsn * Manipulating large data sets in our PostgreSQL database and several other data sourcesn * Building solutions to enable and support machine learning model development n * Brainstorming feature ideas and architectural solutions n * Exploring ways to optimize and improve the existing codenn# Qualificationsnn## You will find yourself at home at this position if:nn * You are experienced in working on complex software projectsn * You like working in a team, but still take responsibility and agency of your own workn * You enjoy technical challenges and solving hard programming problemsn * You do test-driven development and think of code architecture in terms of testable units n * You have experience or want to learn about financial markets and machine learningn * You have a desire to learn, or understanding of, Django, Celery and websocketsn * You enjoy writing and optimizing SQL queries n * You hate loose ends and want to keep your to-do list tidy and prefer to focus on outcomesnn# Offernn## What’s in it for you?nn * Competitive compensation n * Fully remote position with adaptable working hours n * Low-stress work environment in a team that makes you feel valued and heard n * Exciting technology, latest library versions and time to refactor coden * Opportunity to grow in machine learning and devops fieldsnn nn#Salary and compensationn$40,000 — $110,000/yearnnn#Locationn? Worldwide

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