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As a Frontend Engineer at Conversional, you’ll use your deep understanding of JavaScript, React, and CSS to improve our highly configurable SaaS Widget, a complex web app used and loved by over 100.000 consumers on various websites in multiple countries. You’ll engineer for usability, maintainability, and performance while delivering kick-ass features and implementing your own ideas.nn**Your mission**nn* You bring ideas to life in the frontend. You develop stunning and complex features that help end consumers take the next step in making a big purchase decision. n* In our small and agile team of four developers you take ownership of technical conception, implementation, and releasing of features. n* If you want to bring in your own ideas for features and improvements, you will be in the right place. As a small team everyone strongly contributes to feature decisions and the path we take as a company. n* You constantly strive to improve code quality by writing code even Facebook would be proud of. Development Convenience is a permanent goal in all of our sprints.nn**You are good at**nn* You are strong in communication. You are fluent in English and love to work with people from different countries. You know how to validate decisions and communicate them clearly to your audience.n* You are passionate about software development. You are familiar with how to apply architectural patterns and have professional work experience developing with React on Cloud Infrastructure.n* You love coding and building great things with your own hands (and a keyboard 😉 ). You are good at learning and applying the latest technology to create outstanding products. n* You are a team player. You understand that we can only be successful as a team. Like everyone else in our great team, you are driven, honest and reliable, and enjoy a good laugh with your team-mates.nn**This is what you get**nn* Work from where you are happiest and enjoy a flexible day schedule. We are a distributed team, each individual following their personal daily schedule. We all commit to 40 hours a week with 4 hours of overlap 9 to 5 (UTC +1).n* We build and maintain a strong team culture. Our working culture is based on our four core values: We are driven to learn and build. We show initiative and get our hands dirty. We are open and honest. We enjoy working together.n* Your work has a direct impact on our customers. You are trusted to make the right decisions and free to act responsibly in the name of Conversional. n* Your opinion matters. We trust our team members to make the best decisions to achieve their goals. We don’t micromanage.n* Are you tired of useless meetings and slow decision making? We have flat hierarchies, no bullshit meetings and iterate quicklyn* You work with top-notch technologies and best practices. We use Automated Testing and Continuous Integration to build a single page application and a powerful API.nn**This is what you will work on**nnWe are a startup company located in Stuttgart and Munich in Germany. Our product is a marketing SaaS solution for specialised merchants. Placed on the dealer’s website it guides users through a questionnaire, rewards them, asks for personal data and even makes and manages appointments with the sales team. Want to have a look? nn#Salary and compensationn$30,000 — $80,000/yearnnn#Locationn? Worldwide

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