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* ? 401kn* ?️ 30 Days PTOn* ? Flexible Hoursn* ? Parental Leaven* ? $350 Referral Bonusn* ? $130k – $160k per yearn* ⚕️ Benefits and Insurancen* ? 4+ Years of Experiencen* ? Work with the Foundersn* ? Anywhere in the Americas (U.S. Preferred)nn**Get Paid:** If you recommend this job to the person that gets hired, we will give you a $350 referral bonus! How will we contact you about giving you your bonus? Tell your referral to list your name and/or email in the “How did you hear about this job?” question. Once they’re hired, we’ll make sure you get paid.nn# SummarynnBlueRithm is hiring a Senior Software Engineer to work with the founders, be directly involved in developing product road maps, and be a catalyst for growth and success in the company. This role offers a lot of growth and you’ll be able to have a big impact on many parts of the company.nn# Who We Arenn[BlueRithm]( is made up of a small team of US-based engineers with domain and development expertise. Since 2016, we’ve built and shipped a project-management platform for specialized niches in the construction, manufacturing, and energy industries.nnWe’re backed by TinySeed and a deep bench of experienced business owners, founders, and high-caliber people who believe in our approach and mission.nn# What is it like working with us?nnEven though we’re small and agile, we work hard and strive for success. We do it humbly and never at the expense of what’s right and ethical. We value diversity in backgrounds and thought, and believe leaving our egos at the door, supporting each other, and working towards common goals is a recipe for success.nn**Remote Work**nMost of us work remotely around the U.S. We communicate and collaborate on Microsoft Teams. Most of our work takes place during normal U.S. business hours. The founders are in Minneapolis so there are opportunities to come co-work in the office space located there.nn**Sane Hours**nWe’re adults and we trust each other to manage our time responsibly. We look at what you accomplish, not how long you are in front of a computer. We work hard and smart. Sure, we need to drive the business hard and release features, but we’re most concerned with long-term success.nn# The RolennThis ‘Senior Software Engineer’ role has been created to help out one of the founders and take over a lot of his development work.nnYou will bring the product vision to life. You’ll help develop and prioritize the product roadmap, contributing your creative vision and technical expertise to give our customers a first-class product that solves real problems.nnYou’ll be doing full-stack development on our ASP.NET MVC web app, RESTful API, and Xamarin mobile app. Some features span the whole platform, while some are specific to one part (for example, just the web app). You’ll be building many new features and supporting existing ones. Occasionally you’ll join customer calls to stay engaged with our customers and understand, in their words, what they need.nnAs the company continues growing, you’ll also have the opportunity to grow your role in scope and responsibility. That could mean helping mentor and develop a more junior developer in the future.nnThis is a full-time role that can be fully remote. Ideally, you are located in the United States, but we are open to other locations as well.nnWe are an established company with a strong product, but sometimes we operate as an early startup. Not all of our SOPs are ironed out and there’s no big employee handbook. This role is for someone who is OK with ambiguity, loves to solve problems, and can work through issues. This also presents the opportunity for lots of growth and to have an impact across many parts of the company.nn**Day to Day**nn~80% of your time will be spent coding and working on our product. The rest of the time will be working on the product roadmap, brainstorming issues, and problem-solving, and continuous deployment.nn# Who We’re Looking FornnIdeally, we’d like to have someone who has strong experience with web app development and is also very comfortable in a startup, entrepreneurial environment.nn**Personality and Type of Person We’re Looking For:**nn* Someone who gets a thrill and satisfaction from building real features that people need and use.n* The desire to have creative, visionary, as well as technical influence over product direction.n* Understanding of the importance of urgency of work and creating results, but has a big-picture, long term mindset.n* A self-improvement spirit.n* Someone who enjoys solving difficult problems.n* Passion for the workn* A data-driven attituden* Perseverancen* Adaptabilityn* Self-reliancen* Comfort with risk-taking and ambiguity that comes with working for a small company.nn**Your Experience and Skillset:**nn* Expertise with ASP.NET MVC web applicationsn* Expertise with HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, other common web development technologies.n* Expertise with full .NET framework as well as .NET Core.n* Expertise in developing Web APIs.n* Experience with various databases relational and document-based (Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, Mongo DB, MySQL, etc..).n* Experience developing enterprise solutions with Microsoft Azure.n* Experience utilizing Azure and Azure DevOps automation in the context of automating infrastructure deployments.n* Experience developing applications with Azure DevOps (Repositories, Build and Deploy Pipelines).n* Experienced in design and UX principles. Prioritizes exceptional user experience in engineering and execution.nn# Bonus pointsnn* Experience developing mobile applications with Xamarin (cross-platform: iOS, Android, UWP).nn# Compensation and Benefitsnn**Salary Range**n$130-160k per Yearnn**Stock Options**nBlueRithm offers stock options in addition to salary and benefits. This vested interest in the company is something that would be discussed with the founders.nn**Insurance Coverage**nFor our U.S. employees, we offer health insurance.nn**401k Plan**nEmployees are eligible for a 401k plan that’s integrated into our payroll system. Plans are employee-funded.nn**Equipment Budget**nHome office budget available to help you do your best worknn**Time Off / Vacation**nTaking time off makes you happier, healthier, and more productive. We want you to take the time you need to rejuvenate, reflect, and take care of your and your family’s health. That’s why we have a 30 day off vacation policy. We’re not going to micromanage your day-to-day work when you’re taking off early or starting late, or just need a day to handle personal business. Results are what matter.nn**Parental Leave**nAll parents who welcome a new child by birth, surrogacy, foster, or adoption are eligible to take 8 weeks of paid leave.nn**Remote and Flexible Hours**nThis is a full-time role that can be fully remote. Ideally, you are located in the United States, but we are open to other locations as well. We don’t micromanage your time at the desk. We are focused on results. Our team is generally communicating during U.S. business hours, but you’re able to have some flexibility about when you choose to do your work.n nn#Salary and compensationn$130,000 — $160,000/yearnnn#LocationnRemote, Americas (U.s. Preferred)

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