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Come help us build the future of software engineer hiring!n nTriplebyte is on a mission to create a more just tech industry by fixing hiring for software engineers. This is important because millions of people have skills (and deserve good jobs), but don’t fit the profile that recruiters seek. We aim to cut out that noise by matching opportunities to people who have the skills to succeed in them – regardless of their background. Companies from stealth-startups to global brands source and hire engineers from Triplebyte.n nOver the course of 2020, we’ve executed well on a major pivot in our business strategy amidst a global pandemic and economic recession. Now, we’re emerging from the pandemic stronger than ever. We have plenty of runway, we’ve been outperforming on sales / renewals, and we’re excited to ramp up on our favorite activity, hiring software engineers, again.”n nWe have an all star list of investors, some of which include: Garry Tan, Sam Altman, Paul Graham, Justin Kan, Drew Houston and Michael Seibel just to name a few.nnRequirements:n* Proficiency in Ruby, Ruby on Rails (at least 3 years of experience)n* Proficiency in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, React (at least 2 years of experience)n* Great communication skills in Englishn* Ability to quickly process new information and apply it in different contextsn* Ability to communicate efficiently with both technical and non-technical team membersn* Self-discipline, ability to work independently, high motivationn* Working at least between the hours of 10am-2pm PST Mon-Fri (a minimum commitment of at least 20 hours a week)nnNice to haves:n* Experience working with Herokun* Experience working with AWSn* Experience working with Redisn* Experience working with Elastic Search / Algolian* Working at least between the hours of 9am-5pm PST Mon-Fri (there is a potential for working more than 20 hours a week)nnResponsibilities:n* Implement new features based on customer requestsn* Fix problems reported by customersn* Monitor and fix production bugsn* Participate in sales process by responding to tech/security related questionsnnnEven if your experience doesn’t match all of the above requirements, we invite you to apply anyway. We recognize that talent comes in different forms. Our business is matching engineers with their next great opportunity, regardless of background. We apply the same ethos to our internal hiring. We’re looking for a team member with enthusiasm and the ability to do the job, not a perfect resume. nn#Salary and compensationn$60,000 — $100,000/yearnnn#Locationn? Worldwide

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