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nWe are looking for an experienced Kubernetes expert and Golang engineer to join our team to build open-source developer tooling in the cloud-native space.nnnnAbout Loft LabsnWe are a venture-backed startup with headquarters in San Francisco (Salesforce Tower) but our team is mostly distributed and working from remote – and not just because of Covid.nOpen-source is part of our DNA. We are the maintainers of several open-source projects in the Kubernetes space:n * vcluster – Virtual Kubernetes Clusters: n * DevSpace – Docker-Compose But For Kubernetes: n * kiosk – Multi-Tenancy Extension for Kubernetes: (AWS security best practice for EKS)n * jsPolicy – Kubernetes Policies using JavaScript & TypeScript: n nnOur commercial product is called Loft ( and brings all our open-source projects together in one platform which enables high-velocity engineering teams to move faster when building cloud-native software.nnnYour Tasksn * Build new features for our open-source projects and for our commercial productn * Take responsibility for everything you are working on – from taking on an issue, over planning the implementation, writing the code, adding the tests to actually shipping the feature as part of our release workflown * Write Golang code that is easy-to-test, performant, bug-free (no worries, we know that that’s an illusion), and well-structuredn * Drive really deep into the inner workings of Kubernetes (controllers, CRDs, extension API servers, etc.)n * Contribute to docs and tests for all projects you are working on to ensure we ship high-quality code for our enterprise customers and open-source community usersn * Optionally: Participate in CNCF events (KubeCon), share your work in our blog and/or be an active member of the open-source ecosystemn nnnBenefitsnnCulture & ValuesnAt Loft Labs, we value and stand for:n * Technical Excellence: We are determined to build best-in-class technology and ship high-quality software because we know that our users are engineers themselves.n * Customer Obsession: We are going above and beyond to make our customers and users happy, which means striving for great usability, excellent documentation and support as well as fast response times for feature requests and bug reports.n * Impressive Speed: From user feedback to shipping a new feature to address this feedback, we usually take less than a week in most cases and our users absolutely love us for this.n * Bold Innovation: We are constantly questioning the state-of-the-art to find and address important issues in our space, even if that means abandoning any existing technologies and starting from scratch again.n * Open Source & Open Mind: We are actively contributing and maintaining open-source projects and we believe that building an open-minded team culture that respects different perspectives and welcomes constructive feedback is equally paramount to our success. n nnnnWhy join a startup?nSince we are a fast-moving startup, you will not be number 396.589 in our company but rather become an essential part of our team right from the start:n * Fast Application Process: We will typically get back to you within a week. No need to polish your resume for us. Just send us some links (e.g. LinkedIn, GitHub), answer a few questions about your previous experiences, and hop on a quick Zoom call with one of our team members to see if youre a good fit. We will respond quickly and make hiring decisions within days rather than months.n * Flexible Working Schedule: You have a doctors appointment or need to head to the supermarket to get groceries at 2pm? We wont have an issue with that. To us, results matter more than clocking in and out at the same time every day.n * Workplace Flexibility: If you want to work from home, thats great! If youd prefer to work in a coworking space, we can make that happen as well. If you want to relocate to our HQ in San Francisco, lets discuss that. Were flexible on all of this and we know things can change in life and were happy to adjust the work environment for you along the way.n * Open-Minded Work Environment: You can always speak your mind – no company politics or unnecessary formalities. We are operating in a lean, honest, and efficient way and we are looking for different perspectives, constructive feedback and creative, motivated people who want to make a difference.n * Grow With The Company: We are a small company right now but we are growing incredibly fast because we work on something that has a lot of value to engineering teams in large enterprises. Joining Loft Labs early will give you the chance to advance much faster to the next step on the career ladder than in any larger company.n * Responsibility From Day 1: You will see right from the start that your work will immediately have an impact in our company and you can shape the future of this company together with the rest of our team. Grow with us and benefit from being part of this journey from the start.n nnnnLoft Labs, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive work environment for everyone who becomes part of our team. We are also actively promoting measures to reduce bias throughout our hiring process to ensure that everyone gets the same opportunities.

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