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nWe’re Growing! Software Engineers & Senior Software EngineersnnWe are rapidly expanding our engineering teams and are looking for hungry, curious, fast-learning engineers for all levels and teams (Devops, Infrastructure, Data Science, Ontology, front-end, backend) who aren’t afraid of challenges!nnWe have a number of interesting technical problems we are trying to solve:nnn* Scaling our data pipeline for climate data, which means orders of magnitude more datann* Speeding up our SQL queries on Postgres with better partitions, indexes and queriesnn* Migrating to a micro-service architecturenn* Improving our CI/CD pipelines in terms of speed and costnn* Bringing our ontology to a knowledge graphnnnnnAbout our tech stack:nnn* We use a variety of languages including Python, R, Javascript, SQL, Bash.nn* We leverage open source software including Postgres, Solr, Docker, Kubernetes, hapiJS, Jupyter notebooks.nn* We rely on standard software development tooling including git, JIRA, CircleCI.nn* We are cloud agnostic with a large chunk of our infrastructure currently on AWS.nnnnnIf you’re looking for your work to have a bigger impact, then take a look; we’re for-profit, but mission-driven and together we are solving some of the biggest problems in the world today.nnIf you think you’ve got the right stuff for the Gro team, submit your resume – our engineering team is collaborative and cross-functional; you will have the chance to work on a variety of impactful projects and flex your creative muscles.

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