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Job Title

Senior Developer (Python/Django)

Job Description

  • Help design and implement functional requirements
  • Build efficient back-end features in Python
  • Integrate front-end components into applications
  • Collaborate with frontend developers and UX/UI designers to implement design into the code
  • Manage testing and bug fixes
  • Implement software enhancements and suggest improvements
  • Prepare technical documentation


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • Agencies are OK


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer programming, computer science, or a related field
  • 4+ years of experience in Python/Django
  • Good understanding in various Python Libraries, API’s and toolkits.
  • Good Understanding in front end development tools like React and angular.
  • Able to speak English
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Adaptable and willing to learn new techniques.
  • First 3 Month Remote working. After 3 Month, willing to relocate to Kuwait for full time job.

About the Company

We, Strix Tech Co., are a startup working on a B2B application looking to find a python developer. Looking for a Senior Developer to join our team full time and being apart of the company.

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