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FELFEL’s 13 engineers develop the next-generation technologies that change how thousands of users consume food at offices. Our product needs to handle information at massive scale and make sure over 100’000 people get their meal of choice at any time of the day.

Your impact will have no limit: together with your peers on the tech team, you will build the ground for our growth in the coming years and make sure our customers have an awesome experience with FELFEL.


Our main backends are written in C# / .NET and Python 3, using the Django library (for APIs and ORM).

For machine learning and optimization we rely on pandas, scikit-learn and tensorflow.
Our fridges are running an Android application to serve the POS user interface. It interfaces with various peripherals via USB and GPIO (temperature sensor, NFC reader, door lock).

We run on Azure/Docker/Kubernetes and configure and auto-deploy our applications with helm and flux. Data is stored in Postgres and SQL Server and we use various queuing/messaging tools (Pusher, RabbitMQ, Kafka). For analytics and BI, we rely on Tableau and use’s ELK stack to analyze our application logs and telemetry.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please



  • Back-end development for our core technology, which allows us to manage the inventory of all our fridges in real-time, manage our cooled supply chain, and sell products to our end-customers
  • Keeping the architecture of our stack clean and the data structured – you will also shape and eventually own the architecture of services and databases
  • Developing tools for our internal teams (sales, support, operations, finance) to increase efficiency in business, and work closely with our UI-focused team members to integrate their front-ends with our backend services
  • Continuously improve and maintain systems to ensure we have high performance, up-time, and strong security in place


  • Python Expert: you are an experienced backend software developer with broad back-end programming skills in Python, and you are able to build production-ready software that integrates with the work done by our data scientists
  • Ideally you have a degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • You are a great communicator: you thrive in a collaborative environment involving different stakeholders and subject matter experts
  • Curiosity is key: we like to learn new stuff, fail fast and explore new territories – so do you!
  • You have an affinity for good food – after all that is what everything revolves around here at FELFEL
  • Non-smoker: you never smell like cigarettes and don’t smoke during the day – FELFEL is about great food and healthy living 😉

About the Company


  • Lots of good (like really good ;)) food: Just steps away from your desk – we make all food dreams come true…
  • Barista: Our office barista makes fresh coffee & tea for the whole team every day: be it Cappuccino, Americano, Espresso, Chai or Matcha – whatever you prefer the most!
  • Holidays: Enjoy 5 weeks of holidays every year
  • Birthday retreat: Take a half day off work to enjoy your birthday
  • Transport: We encourage employees to use public transport by financing the half-fare card
  • Family: FELFEL is a family business with strong values. We support parenting by giving 3 weeks of holidays for new dads, 16 weeks for new mums, and paying for up to two days per week of child care
  • People: A great international & diverse team (20 different nationalities!). We are selective – and only hire the best chess players, cooks or video gamers 😉
  • Location: We are located in the heart of Zurich – on the top floor in a bright, open office with significant focus space too
  • Entertainment: Even in Corona times we have a lot of fun together as a team and as colleagues. We have virtual wine tastings and an absolutely proven security concept, which allows us to eat together in the office. When Corona is over, we “offer” various events: team aperos, sledding trips, breakfast events, joint cooking events and the well-known FELFEL Summer-outings.
  • Awesome customers: We have great, open customers that love to provide feedback and engage with us.
  • Transfer help: Should you move from a different country to support us, we are happy to support you.


Please apply directly via by clicking on the Button “Apply for this position”.

We can only consider complete applications submitted via the application form. We promise to get back to you within 72 hours!

What do we need?

  • CV
  • a short cover letter explaining why you are the right fit for this role

FELFEL revolutionizes how people eat at work with smart technology. Our intelligent fridge makes it possible – good food all day long for employees at work, created by the best local chefs.

Over 100’000 employees at more than 500 companies in Switzerland already benefit from a FELFEL fridge at work. FELFEL is a family-owned company and supports small, local producers in Switzerland. Sustainability is a core company value. The company has won several prestigious awards, among others the Swiss Economic Forum Award in 2017. The company was founded in 2013 and counts over 100 employees today. Friendship, respect, ‘eating good food together’ are key elements of our company culture. You can find more insights on the company and the team on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and of course our website.

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