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Job Title

Staff Python Backend Engineer

Job Description

Are you a Python engineer with at least five years of experience in programming and at least a year of experience in Python? Look no further – this is the job opportunity you’ve been looking for.


55 – 75 USD per hour, or

9240 – 12600 USD a month if you do 40 hours per week

Flexible work schedule (measured by time tracker)

💪 Reef Technologies: fully remote Python software house

💡 exciting, dynamic projects for start-ups from all over the world

Would you like to know more about this opportunity? Just go to and see what we’re all about! This is the only way to apply.

We could have built a careers website with a big picture of smiling faces in an office or maybe with a photo of a bunch of dudes in t-shirts with the company logo… but we designed it specifically for Senior Backend Engineers.

💡The best way we’ve found to give you the RESPECT you deserve led us to implement something completely unorthodox. You will find no job offer PDFs, no graphics, there is actually not real HTML at all. We will NATIVELY transfer the answers to any questions that you might have to your mind.

Let us know if you like the way we went about recruitment and be sure to share it with other experienced Python engineers who might be interested in this job offer.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please



About the Company

We are a small, agile team composed exclusively of senior engineers with at least four years of experience. We know what it takes to deliver stable solutions – and that is exactly what we do. By always taking edge cases into account, we minimize the probability of ever having to perform urgent fixes.

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