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Many folks forget their passwords, and odds are it’ll happen to you, too. However, you shouldn’t have to suffer through an overly complicated password-reset process or ship your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch back to the manufacturer whenever that happens.

MobiUnlock offers an easy way back into your locked iOS device. And a lifetime subscription to this frustration-busting Mac app is on sale for $39.95 (regularly $69) for a limited time.

Recover lost iOS passwords the easy way

Around 78% of people will forget their smartphone passwords and need to rest them at some point. Unfortunately, for iOS users, the process isn’t always so easy. That’s why MobiUnlock is one of the handiest backup tools you use across multiple devices. Especially if you’re the forgetful type.

MobiUnlock is a workaround that lets you unlock your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch by bypassing the passcode, Touch ID and Face ID. As a result, you can effectively get around your iPhone’s security measures for a short time to regain access.

Additionally, MobiUnlock allows you to delete an Apple ID from your iPhone without a password. You can also start a factory reset, bypass the activation lock, and even turn off Screen Time without using a password.

Aside from being a convenient password-bypass tool, MobiUnlock also serves as a great password manager. You can find saved passwords on an iOS device and store them for later use with just a few clicks. This is particularly helpful if you juggle multiple app, website and Wi-Fi network passwords. (And who doesn’t these days?)

Save on MobiUnlock

Whether you’re trying to get into your iPhone after forgetting a password, or rediscovering an old device to recover long-lost pictures, you can get your iOS device unlocked in minutes with MobiUnlock.

Keep connected to your iPhone even if you can’t remember your password. Regain access to your mobile iOS devices in minutes with a lifetime subscription to MobiUnlock. This security backup tool is on sale for $39.95 (regularly $69) for a limited time.

Prices subject to change. 


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