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An urgent safety warning is being issued by Google to people who store their passwords on Chrome and its web browsers. People are being urged not to ignore the important message.

Google is also rolling out its Chrome desktop warnings to Chrome Android users. The additional protection will help users to “check their saved credentials for security vulnerabilities and provides a list of actions to improve online hygiene”, the company has confirmed.

If you receive the notification, Google Assistant will offer to create a new password for you automatically. Chrome password breach warnings and password checkups are all free if you have a Google account and use Chrome, reports Birmingham Live.

You can find out if passwords in your Google account may have been exposed, are weak or are used in multiple accounts. Then you can change any unsafe passwords to keep your accounts more secure.

You can start Password Checkup or go to passwords.google.com. Select Go to Password Checkup and then Check passwords. You might need to sign in.

To automatically update the passwords in your Google account, you can either turn on sync in Chrome. Alternatively, you can sign in to Chrome and allow Chrome to use passwords from your Google account when asked.

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