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In what could be an updated Millennium Bug, two billion Chrome users have been issued a warning by Google that a forthcoming update will bust a number of websites.

It’s currently unclear exactly what websites – and how many – are due to be affected by the problem set to be caused by the introduction of a Chromium Bug tracker, in the codebase for Chrome.

Worryingly, experts claim that most people are not likely know they’re affected until it’s too late.

Users of Chrome should brace themselves for disruption or find another browser to use until the issue is resolved, a Forbes report states.

Currently, Microsoft is rubbing their hands in glee, with millions tipped to switch to their Edge browser.

“Based on Google’s current release rate, Chrome Canary users could be facing this decision as soon as next month while the billions of users running the browser’s stable version are looking at a 3–6-month countdown,” the report forecasts.

The official version of Chrome is currently 96, while ‘Chrome Canary’ — the early access developer build — is already on version 99.

When the version reaches 100, websites affected by the glitch will apparently stop loading.

“The reason for this is these sites check the version of Chrome visiting the site, but website design software only checks the first two digits,” claims one expert.

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