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For a server manager (or website admin), it is vital to secure the server to ensure the smooth operation of the website and any associated business. While one can hire a security team for the job, it makes more sense to automate the essentials at the very least.

So, most administrators take the help of security solutions like Imunify360 to keep the server secure while improving the website’s security with minimal effort. Here, we shall briefly look at Imunify360 and how it helps enhance security.

What Is Imunify360?

Imunify360 is a security suite with tools and services to protect your Linux-powered web server against malicious attacks. It is primarily a paid solution, but it also provides some free tools if you want to utilize some of its capabilities.

Some web servers already have Imunify360 integration enabled. And, in some cases, you will have the option to opt for it as per the requirements separately.

Hence, choosing a web hosting platform that already offers Imunify360 as part of its security features should make the experience hassle-free while saving you some investment costs.

How Does Imunify360 Help You Secure Your Server?

Imunify360 is a collection of security tools. So, it is not just a website malware scanner or an antivirus program for the server. In fact, you can replace any of the best website application firewall (WAF) services with Imunify360 to get all-around protection.

In other words, if you are looking for an all-in-one replacement to scan malware, prevent malicious attacks, and more, Imunify360 can be a good candidate. So, its comprehensive set of features makes securing your website or server effortless. And what are some of those features? Let’s find out below.


Real-time Malware Protection

Imunify360 can analyze scripts in real-time and check if it is dangerous. So, you do not need to worry about malicious PHP scripts on your server.

Whether it is a known malware or a new one, Imunify360 does not let anything exploit a vulnerability. The malware data is also shared across its antivirus and WAF service to ensure that every layer of your server is protected against it.

Real-Time Protection Network Against Cyberattacks

Imunify360 utilizes its entire network of connections with servers to detect a threat and get ready for it.

For example, let’s say you have a server that encounters a new type of malware, as spotted by Imunify360. This data will be shared with its cloud network to help other customers with Imunify360 defend against it quickly.

Many antivirus programs for PC also utilize similar cloud networks to seamlessly protect your devices across the globe.

Easy Hosting Control Panel Integration

Security solutions constantly try to make things easy for the end-users. And Imunify360 achieves this by giving you the ability to integrate its service with your hosting platform control panel like cPanel and Plesk.

While we mention the steps to integrate it in the later section of this article, it is a pretty straightforward process that only needs a couple of commands.

Web Application Firewall

Imunify360 integrates with the existing server firewall to provide comprehensive protection to prevent bots and malicious traffic.

It also gives you control to whitelist, blacklist, or configure the ports for the firewall.


As an alternative to Cloudflare’s security protection service for websites, Imunify360 WebShield is a feature that filters traffic across the globe to determine a legitimate user.

If a suspicious IP address is detected trying to access the website, the WebShield will present CAPTCHA challenges to verify it. This feature should also help save your server’s bandwidth by blocking traffic from bots.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

Imunify360’s security suite also includes an intrusion detection system that blocks invalid access attempts and provides you with more details to act on it.

For this feature, Imunify360 scans the server’s log files to monitor every activity and report the data to the administrator. You can also set limits, block, and filter by country to know more about the logs.

File-System Level Protection With Input/Output Operations

Here, the antivirus component of the service comes into action where it scans every file added and a regular scan to keep things in check.

The antivirus also includes a database that looks for common malware that infects a website. The antivirus is powered by a cloud network of other Imunify360 installations giving your servers a “herd immunity.”

Centralized Threat Monitoring

When combining all the services available with Imunify360, we get every essential feature to protect a Linux web server.

Furthermore, it provides a central dashboard that collectively monitors all the alerts and incidents to manage all the available features.

Does Imunify360 Include ImunifyAV?

Imunify360 has a free service that you can use without a paid subscription called ImunifyAV.

ImunifyAV is a malware scanner that helps detect malicious files, backdoors, viruses, phishing pages, etc. Unfortunately, it cannot help you clean up the malware with advanced techniques. You will have to manually perform the cleanup if you decide only to use the free version.

How to Install and Access Imunify360 on Your Server?

Suppose you have a control panel like cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin. In that case, you should be able to access it under the security services for the respective platforms (considering you have it installed).

The official documentation for the hosting panels should provide more information if you still can’t access it. In either case, if you did not have it installed, you can easily install it to integrate with your control panel using two commands as per the official installation instructions:

wget "https://repo.imunify360.cloudlinux.com/defence360/i360deploy.sh" target="_blank">https: 
bash i360deploy.sh --key IMUNal49oTGqyRZLgXf

If you do not have a control panel, you can refer to Imunify360’s installation documentation to explore the correct method for your server configuration.

Imunify360 Gives You Effortless Website Security

Unless you are an expert, securing a server (and the website) can often be daunting. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming even for the experts to keep up with the latest threats.

So, for users who want convenience and cannot afford a big in-house security team for their server, Imunify360 is a no-brainer. You have everything you need right at your disposal.


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