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When it comes to social media, the City of New Bern is stressing the importance of maintaining a professional image from its elected and appointed officials.

During Tuesday’s Board of Aldermen meeting, City Attorney Scott Davis presented a draft set of guidelines for elected officials and appointed members of city boards and commissions regarding the use of personal and official social media platforms. 

In the presentation packet, it states, the city recognizes officials may choose to express themselves by posting personal information upon social media platforms or by making comments on sites hosted by other persons, groups, or organizations, however, this right should not interfere with city operations. 

Though Davis did not discuss all of the guidelines in detail, he mentioned New Bern is one of a handful of cities in the state attempting to implement a series of guidelines. 

“We are one of maybe three, four, five cities that have tried to offer guidelines to public officials. It is difficult because the law is quickly changing and there are many subtleties and shades of these issues when giving you meaningful dos and don’ts,” David said.  


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