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Now that Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, it receives updates on a more consistent schedule than the legacy version. In early September 2021, Edge version 93 launched with a couple of handy tweaks.

Let’s take a quick glance at what’s new in Microsoft Edge 93 so you can take advantage of all the browser’s features.

Hide the Title Bar When Using Vertical Tabs

Edge has had vertical tabs for a while. Compared to traditional horizontal tabs at the top of the browser, these are handy because you can see more of them at once. They also don’t shrink in size (obscuring the tab name) after you open more than a handful.

In Edge 93, you can improve the vertical tab experience a bit more by hiding the title bar. This bar at the top of the browser only shows the name of your current page, which isn’t particularly useful. Hiding it grants additional vertical space.

To enable this option, click the three-dot Menu at the top-right of Edge and choose Settings. Select Appearance from the left sidebar, then scroll down to the Customize toolbar section.

Enable the Hide title bar while in vertical tabs slider; you’ll need to click Turn on next to Show vertical tabs for all current browser windows to use vertical tabs, if you aren’t using them already.

Tab Groups Come to Edge

Tab groups are already an option in other browsers, but in Edge 93, they’re now available in Microsoft’s offering. They make it easy to organize your open tabs.

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To use tab groups, right-click on an open tab and select Add tab to new group. Then, name the group and select a color to visually identify it. Once a tab group is set up, right-click any other tab and choose Add tab to group > [Group name] to move it under that banner. You can also click and drag a tab into the group to add it.

Tab groups let you work with multiple tabs as one unit. Drag the group name to rearrange all its contents at once. Click the group name to collapse all the tabs, then click a second time to expand them again. If you right-click on the group name, you can Close group to exit them all at once, or Ungroup to remove the group while keeping the tabs open.

If you have Edge set to pick up where you left off when you close and reopen the browser, it will preserve your tab groups.

Tab groups are arguably more useful when used with the vertical tab layout mentioned above. The groups are easier to separate by sight, and dragging tabs between groups feels more natural. Give it a try and you might like the feature even more.

Other Edge 93 Features

The above two changes are the headline tweaks in Edge 93. Most of the other changes are minor, bug fixes, or enterprise-level adjustments. The only other user-facing feature is picture-in-picture mode for videos.

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Mousing over a video will now show a toolbar that lets you pop out the video, so you can watch it while doing something else in your browser. However, this feature is only available for Edge on macOS.

How to Update Microsoft Edge

If you already have Microsoft Edge on your system, it should automatically update next time you close and reopen it. But you can update your browser manually too.

Just click the three-dot Menu at the top-right and choose Help and feedback > About Microsoft Edge. You’ll see the current version of Edge at the top of this page, and a prompt to restart the browser once the update downloads.

Edge 93: Simple but Useful

Microsoft Edge 93 isn’t a ground-breaking update, but it does include a few handy functions for tab management. If you haven’t tested out Microsoft’s new browser yet, maybe these changes will tempt you to make the switch.

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