Woman scammed over $3,000 in Bradford County | #phishing | #scams | #education | #technology | #infosec

TOWANDA, Pa (WETM) — Pennsylvania State Police are investigating a phishing scam perpetrated on a 57-year-old woman in Bradford County back in mid-January. 

The woman told State Troopers that $3,350 was given to a party claiming to be Apple Customer Service. According to police, the investigation is still ongoing.

Phishing scams are scams where people convincingly pose as businesses like banks, customer support, or even government organizations.

They can do this over the phone, but most frequently it happens via email. These scams are most often aimed at the elderly and those less familiar with technology.

Often, they try to get you to hand over sensitive information like Social Security numbers, logins for shopping websites like Amazon, and credit card information.

Organizations like the FTC and your local police or sheriff should be notified of potential scams.

To learn more about protecting yourself from Phishing and other scams, you can visit the FTC’s website.

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