Did Reno mayor Hillary Schieve attend some college? No | #education | #technology | #training | #education | #technology | #infosec


Questions: Did Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve attend some college, where did she graduate from high school and is she educated enough to pursue complex high-tech initiatives for the city?

Short answers: No, she did not attend some college. She graduated from the former Washoe County High School. And whether you need a college degree to knowledgably discuss government policy on blockchain and cryptocurrency, that’s open to opinion but many people without college degrees have found great success in tech.

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A subscriber named Kevin commented on the RGJ primary voter guide profile of Hillary Schieve, who is running for her third term to be Reno’s mayor.

“The article states that she has ‘some college,’” he wrote. “Where did she go to college? What was her major? I can’t even find where she received her HS diploma. 


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