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eople are urged to be wary of a new scam text claiming to be from delivery service Evri, as scammers are reportedly trying to steal victims’ payment details.

Florence Trust, which reports on website scams, warned its readers of the Evri text message scam this week.

But what is the Evri text scam? This is what to be on the lookout for.

What is Evri?

Evri is a delivery service formerly known as Hermes–the delivery firm rebranded in March 2022 with a new name and logo. While the new name may be unfamiliar, Evri is a legitimate delivery company.

What is the Evri text message scam?

There are reports that people are receiving texts that appear to be from the Evri delivery service that say they need to pay for redelivery, as part of a “smishing” scam.

The scammers say the redelivery fee is £1.45 and the text includes a link to a fake Evri website (evri-redelivery.com), where victims of the scam can enter their bank details.

Although the amount of money they are claiming is small, the scammers are reportedly looking to steal people’s payment details.

Florence Trust reported that the texts have been in circulation since April 13, 2022, and the numbers that people should be on the look out for are 44 (756) 896-3015 and (739) 419-4403.

However, be aware that the text could come from other numbers too.

How to report the Evri scam text

Evri shared advice for avoiding scams on its website, and says that anyone who receives the text should take a screenshot and report it to phishing@evri.com. You can also forward the text to 7726 for free.

Do not click on the link or enter your details on any third-party website.

What is smishing?

Smishing comes from phishing, which is when scammers “fish” for your personal data via email or social media. Smishing is when scammers send people fake links via text or “SMS” message.

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