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Have you ever lost something? Say, a sock in the dryer, maybe even your phone? Well, how about losing your father’s ring? 

Well, for Tracy Hoffman Genoway’s husband, that’s exactly what he lost. 

A ring that meant so much to him, was gone in an instant. 

“His dad passed away in March of 2021. He got the ring from his father. We were walking to school and it got stuck in his glove and, for whatever reason, he took the glove off. Boom, it was gone. We went back and searched for it that day and every day since, and nothing.” 

Genoway could not stop there. She knew there had to be a way to find this ring, so she took to the only outlet she could think of: Facebook. 

Posting to an Airdrie group, Genoway asked for any help she could find to locate this specific ring. 

“There are only three rings that have ever been made from that company. We knew that it would be easily identified.” 

 Genoways’s husband’s father’s ring who passed away this year. The ring says “franks power tongs” and pictures an eagle.

Genoway knew this ring was definitely going to be a hard task to find but she had a feeling someone was going to find it. She says she’s always seen posts on Airdrie groups about losing and then finding items again and just thought it to be really impressive. 

“I thought I might as well try it. I have nothing to lose. So that’s what I did. I just had faith.” 

A few weeks after the ad had been posted, Genoway was able to get in contact with the ring finders. 

“I was literally just scrolling in the Airdrie group and it literally just popped up on my screen.” 

The mom who posted about the find was urged by her son to find the ring’s owner. 

“He just said that he was having such bad luck and he wanted to find the rightful owners because he wants his bad luck to go away. It was pretty cute.” 

The use of these groups is to help stay connected to your community and Genoway is happy that she can say she feels even more connected now with all the help she has received. From people tagging her in the other women’s post once it was found, to her actually being able to meet and talk about the amazing journey this ring had with their families. 

Genoway can see how social media is a useful source but wants people to understand it’s not always rainbows and sunshine. 

With almost 3 billion monthly active users. This makes Facebook a hub for scammers and spam posts looking to make a pretty penny at the expense of unsuspecting users. And even though Facebook has multiple defensive measures in place to stop scams from making their way to users, some, inevitably, make it through the cracks. 

Facebook suggests changing passwords frequently and never clicking on suspicious links sent to you.  

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