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Senior Technology Media/AV Support Specialist
Office of Technology Services

University of Baltimore
Vacancy Number 301143

Regular, full-time exempt position with full, competitive benefits

Salary: $58,000 – $59,977

The Senior Technology Media/AV
Support Specialist serves as the technical expert for instructional technologies at The University of Baltimore, in support of an
exceptional educational experience for the campus community and external clients on campus. The position oversees and advocates for
technologies aligned with curriculum and university standards. It provides technology support, maintenance, consultation and recommendations
about future planning and development of resources. Under guidance from the Manager of Media and Classroom Services, this role develops and
implements strategies to enhance academic technology. They will ensure that decisions comply with defined IT policies and standards to
ensure these technologies are meeting the needs of the campus community. In conjunction with the manager, this position coordinates with
each college to determine the needs of the faculty and students and engages with them to forecast possible future technological needs.

We look forward to receiving your required electronic application with a cover letter and resume and learning about your interest
in and qualifications for our vacancy. Please save your required cover letter and resume as one document and attach it in the resume


Technology Management and Administration: Oversees,
recommends, and assists in the development and implementation of relevant strategies, technologies, documentation and training for UBalt

  • Maintains OTS and campus standards for technology implemented into classrooms as well as conference and other
    academic spaces on campus.
  • Assists with the planning and helps organize the operation of information technologies and areas.
  • Ensures that classrooms, conference spaces, portable technology, software, and hardware application are functional and operational.
  • Maintains and updates the appropriate firmware and applications.
  • Oversee the development and implements appropriate software or
    hardware technology in support classes and events on campus.
  • Verifies that all technology spaces’ components operate in
    compliance with OTS and UBalt standards on campus.
  • Ensures availability, stability, and security of the classroom, conference room
  • Engages with faculty to keep informed of software and hardware changes as they relate to the classroom and lab
  • Communicates with faculty on current industry trends and partners with them for possible integration into the pedagogy.
  • Supervises a team of student workers as they maintain learning spaces and implement learning technology initiatives

Facilities Operations: By leading a team of student workers, provides oversight of the daily operation of the office,
classrooms, and labs in support of services, and equipment upkeep, in line with the department standards.

  • Diagnoses classrooms,
    conference spaces, and lab technical problems, and determines steps necessary to produce a practical solution, minimizing facilities
  • Develops, implements, and maintains the schedule of deliveries, support, repairs, and classes/events in coordination with
    the campus community.
  • Provides assistance to faculty and students in understanding and using cutting-edge software and hardware
  • Maintains classrooms, conference spaces, and labs using the latest software and hardware technology.
  • Performs
    routine preventive maintenance on hardware and software.
  • Oversees classroom, conference, and lab operations to include:
    troubleshooting connectivity problems; hardware issues; assigning rights and access for web conferencing and lecture capture software;
    performing upgrades and programming changes to Crestron equipment as required.
  • Reviews, tests, and prepares for changes in existing
    systems and analyzes modifications required by the installation of new hardware or software.
  • Organizes and coordinates multiple
    service requests on campus and online.
  • Maintains and troubleshoots the equipment hardware and software on campus and remotely
  • Confirms hardware and software patched and/or updated per vendor standards.

Technology Forecasting and
Project Planning: 
Assists in the development of budgets and policies for labs and classrooms, in support of a facility and
environment with a predictable upgrade process.

  • Meets with University administrators and faculty to discuss equipment or
    software requirements, specifications, and costs and to make recommendations about the purchase of technology resources for the classrooms,
    conference spaces, and labs.
  • Maintains knowledge of current technology by reading industry whitepapers, evaluating new product
    offerings, and attending seminars and training sessions.
  • Participates in University committees, task forces, workgroups, etc.
    related to technology initiatives and activities.
  • Equipment Management and Documentation: Maintains inventory and
    licensing for all hardware and software, resulting in facilities that are compliant and thoroughly documented.
  • Maintains the
    inventory of all classrooms, labs, and conference room hardware.
  • Ensures technology documents/certificates, such as product
    registrations, replacement, and warranties, etc. are evaluated, updated, and processed.
  • Confirms compliance with all software
    licensing agreements. Manage and safeguard software media and associated licenses and keep track of software versions.
  • Manage
    technology equipment inventory and disposal of property no longer in use.

Required Qualifications

Education:  Bachelor’s Degree


  • Three years
    of progressively responsible related experience.
  • Functional knowledge of multiple types of software: lecture capture (Panopto) and
    web conferencing software (ex. Zoom, Teams, WebEx, etc.).
  • Knowledge of technology support in person, via the phone, or online.
  • Demonstrated experience in the installation and troubleshooting of hardware components: Crestron touch panels, Crestron DMPS
    controllers, DSP (audio), etc.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office 365 products and Adobe products.
  • Ability to work evenings and
    weekends as needed for orientation, covering vacations and events, and project/lab/classroom needs.


Education:  Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Instructional
Technology, or a related field


  • Experience providing instruction, training, or
    leading workshops on technology.
  • Experience working in a higher education environment.

Required Knowledge,
Skills, and Abilities:

This position requires an understanding of the policies and standards in place at The University of
Baltimore, the ability to explain and provide training on technology concepts, and the ability to write clear and concise documentation.
Critical thinking skills and excellent organizational and prioritization skills, including the ability to handle multiple tasks and job
functions are essential for this role. Person in this role needs to have working knowledge of personal computer hardware and software.
Ability to provide technical support for audio/visual equipment such as projector, LCD screens, DVD, Blu Ray, cameras, microphones, sound
amplification equipment, lighting equipment, control processing equipment media control processors etc. AV production support for video, and
audio file editing software. The usage of web conference software (Zoom, Teams and Panopto). Expert knowledge of components/cables etc. used
to repair of classroom, lab and conference equipment on campus. Background with scheduling software and assignment tracking (EMS/Team
Dynamix). Team player able to lead by example and help others prioritize daily tasks. Excellent customer service skills.

Please visit to view our
application submission deadline, access our required electronic application, and apply. Please save your required cover letter and resume as
one document and attach it in the resume location.

The University of Baltimore (“UBalt” or “University”) does not
discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, religion, age, disability, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity,
or other legally protected characteristics in its programs, activities or employment practices. UBalt is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action/ADA Compliant Employer & Title IX Institution.

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