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Welcome to JumpCloud’s September Newsletter.

While the transition to Autumn brings with it significant change, some things hold constant. And nothing is more unmoving and steadfast than JumpCloud’s vision to Make (Remote) Work Happen®. The latest funding announcement and recap of our recent momentum has further cemented our objectives, and brings acceleration and a renewed energy to our mission to deliver a comprehensive, secure cloud directory platform.

Read on to learn more about some of the notable releases of the past month.

JumpCloud Protect Now Supports TOTP

With the recent release of time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) as a second factor through JumpCloud Protect, your end users will no longer need to use a third-party authenticator app to support their MFA needs to access their IT resources.

Within the JumpCloud ecosystem, TOTP through JumpCloud Protect can be used to protect the User and Admin Portals, cloud applications, Windows, Mac and Linux devices, and network access through RADIUS. Additionally, TOTP through JumpCloud Protect can be used to protect any IT (or personal) resource that natively supports this factor.

This functionality is available for free for all JumpCloud Protect users as an update through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Enhancements to Policies Governing Windows Patching

There is a lot of fanfare in the world of operating systems this year, with both Apple and Microsoft delivering major OS upgrades this fall. While the new features and enhanced UX is an exciting experience for some end users, others may not enjoy the disruption to their established flow, and others still may find certain applications now incompatible or performance issues.

With new and advanced policy capabilities for Windows, admins can block users from upgrading to Windows 11 on their own, and prevent users from delaying any critical Windows updates across any major version. A new policy category structure was created to enhance the way administrators search and configure policies.

Introducing: Skill Badges in JumpCloud University

Taking a course through JumpCloud University (JCU) or earning your JumpCloud Core (Read more…)

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