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With Windows 11, Microsoft goes a step further for developers who want to use Linux. On the new operating system, all you have to do is go to the store to download the targeted distribution like application. Updates are also supported.

It has been a long time since Windows users had to create a new Linux dedicated partition on their hard drive. Thanks to WSL, you can spend One click from one system to another. Especially since Redmond has significantly improved its solution in recent years, among other things, by accessing its Linux files from Explorer or by supporting applications with their graphical interface.

A new step forward with Windows 11. So far, there is no other option but to enter a few command lines on the terminal to install the components needed to run WSL. Finally it does not specify a restart to use Linux applications. Henceforth, Go to the Microsoft Store, Like any software.

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How to install WLS on Windows 11

If you want to run Linux applications on Windows 11 nothing will be easy.

  • Meeting on This link To open Microsoft Store
  • Choose your distribution in between Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Debian and Alpine
  • Once on the download page, click Get
  • Wait for the download to finish. You will need the least 400 MB free space.
  • You need to search your distribution Windows Search Menu

Note All future updates will come from the Microsoft Store. Previously, you had to wait for Windows to completely update. Here again, the publisher has made things easier. Additionally, if you already have a version of WSL, you can make updates as before, even if it looks like Microsoft is focusing on its new system.

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